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Character Corner – Mary

Welcome to a brand new feature where I get to spend time with some of my characters and play good cop/bad cop as I ask the questions everyone wants to know. First up is Mary. Luckily, I managed to catch her at the church owned by Lucas before she had to leave on some mission. Here’s a mini bio to get us started. Known … Read More Character Corner – Mary

What a November!

As usual, November turned out to be crazy month for me. If I wasn’t writing birthday cards and attending kids parties, I was hiding in my office, coffee shop, bathroom…, pretty much anywhere I could spend some time writing. Why was that? Well, it was NaNoWriMo of course! What is NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month takes place in November every year and it’s a … Read More What a November!

Character Series – Lucas

Last, but certainly not least, in my character series is Lucas. For some he’s a bit like Marmite. For me, he’s been a slow burn that has gradually grown on me, to the extent that he is now one of my favourite characters to write. After doing a little Google search I came across an actor called Alessandro Etrusco and, apart from the eye … Read More Character Series – Lucas

Character Series – Pepper

Today we turn the spotlight on Pepper. She’s the first student Tory is introduced to at her new school, and Pepper quickly takes Tory under her wing, although there may be ulterior motives at play. Years ago, I came across this digital painting online. It has a signature, though I’ve been unable to trace it’s origins since. As soon as I saw it I … Read More Character Series – Pepper

Character Series – Kylan

Today we are getting to know Kylan. He quickly becomes a very important person in Tory’s life, however it’s not all plain sailing. As I was writing the Sorceress of Truth I came across the actor/singer Dean Geyer. He had the perfect look for Kylan so I have used him as a muse ever since. Kylan (Ky) Mackey Age – 22* Birthday – 5th … Read More Character Series – Kylan