April Blog

Another month been and gone, so it’s time for a catchup on the blog. I explained in my last blog post how I’d had to take a break from posting. Well, with everything that was happening in the background, draining my time and energy for anything writing related, I decided enough was enough! I neededContinue reading “April Blog”

October – Starting it the right way.

Hello to you! I’m starting the month the right way, tucked up in a lodge in the middle of the woods. Yep, you guessed it, it’s our annual trip to Center Parcs. Just like our Wales adventure, I always look forward to being here. I’m pretty sure that the trees emit some kind of wonderContinue reading “October – Starting it the right way.”

September – It’s Nearly Over

That’s right. The summer holiday is nearly over, and every parent can sit back and breathe a collective sigh of relief. We made it! To be truthful, I always have mixed feelings. I love getting back into some kind of routine again, and to have a few hours to get jobs and bits of houseworkContinue reading “September – It’s Nearly Over”