Catching Up

I’m back!

Yes, you read right. I’m back from my short *ahem* hiatus. I would say it was the winter that made me want to hibernate—and it probably was in part—but I’ll be completely honest. For the last year or so I haven’t been feeling at my best, for all kinds of reasons, and I felt like a massive fraud when it came to posting, blogging, and sending out my newsletter.

Without getting too deep or bringing down the mood, a break has done me a world of good and I’m ready to hit the ground running. There will be a few changes, but mostly I’m still me and I want to bring you the best stories and content that I can.

I will be sending out a newsletter in the coming few days with some additional news and information, such as some exciting events I have signed up for. So, if you don’t want to miss out, make sure you have signed up to The Archer Express right here:

You will also receive a free copy of Shadows of the Circus as a thank you. It’s a historical novella set in Blackpool that can be read on its own, or as a prequel to my full length novel, Sorceress of Truth.

Some of my future blogs will include a look at the real life Blackpool of 1894 and it’s iconic buildings, and how they were integrated into the story, so this is your warning to get reading!

I’m going to say good bye for now. I’m easily distracted and have a chocolate doughnut staring at me. But I just wanted to say, thank you for sticking with me.

Jodie xx


If there is anything you would like me to talk about further on the blog, just drop a comment. I’m open to all (reasonable) suggestions.

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