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Blackpool, 1894, and a deadly creature lurks in the shadows…

A blood drinking monster trapped in the body of a twenty-two year old man, Kylan Mackey walks the earth alone. Consumed by guilt and hatred at his past mistakes, he knows he can never love, or be loved. It was an emotion afforded only to the innocent and those who were worthy, of which he was no longer.

When an opportunity to create history presents itself, Ky arrives in the English coastal town with little more than the clothes upon his back.

Captivated by a mysterious redhead and initiated into a world hiding in plain sight, his resolve is tested when she makes a startling confession. He thinks it can’t get any worse, until he attracts the attention of a local gang and its loathsome leader. When emotions are involved and tensions rise high, his bitter past comes back to bite.

When it’s opening night at the circus, will Kylan make history or will he give in to his darkness?

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*Shadows of the Circus is very much intended for an adult audience and deals with adult themes.

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