October – Starting it the right way.

Hello to you! I’m starting the month the right way, tucked up in a lodge in the middle of the woods. Yep, you guessed it, it’s our annual trip to Center Parcs.

Just like our Wales adventure, I always look forward to being here. I’m pretty sure that the trees emit some kind of wonder drug to soothe the soul, and I can guarantee I will leave feeling like I’m floating on air.

September was a strange month. It was all about getting into new routines and doing lots of little jobs; for the house, the family, and myself. I’m seriously fed up of contacting Enterprise, chasing emails, and don’t get me started on the HMRC website.

Anyway, we are now into my favourite season, where I will be powered by copious cups of pumpkin spice anything. I honestly think it’s the key to my heart.

We are fast approaching National Novel Writing Month, and so I will be using October to prepare. I’m still not sure what I’m going to be working on as I have a number of part written manuscripts, one that needs editing, and a million ideas for new projects zipping through my brain. To help me decide, I’m going to be working through the World Indie Warriors Preptober Challenge on social media.

In other news, I finally did it!

Shadows of the Circus is now available for FREE download. Just head here for more details.

Well, it was lovely catching up but I’d better get going. My mom and I are escaping to the spa for a few hours.

Speak soon, Jodie xxx

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