October – Starting it the right way.

Hello to you! I’m starting the month the right way, tucked up in a lodge in the middle of the woods. Yep, you guessed it, it’s our annual trip to Center Parcs. Just like our Wales adventure, I always look forward to being here. I’m pretty sure that the trees emit some kind of wonderContinue reading “October – Starting it the right way.”

December – Another one bites the dust!

Well, who would have thought it, another year coming to an end already? I say it time and time again but, I’m sure the Earth spins around the Sun much quicker as you get older and, since the last time I spoke with you I have aged up another level. Thirty-seven this time around, andContinue reading “December – Another one bites the dust!”

November – Vikings, Maids and Authors

Okay, confess! Who stole October? Seriously. One minute I’m enjoying Center Parcs and the unseasonably warm evenings, then the next I’m sitting at my desk freezing in a hoodie as I try to fight my keyboard into typing my current writing project (If I’m missing any spaces in this blog then I swear it isContinue reading “November – Vikings, Maids and Authors”

December – taking stock

Is it too early to say Merry Christmas? I know many people who were already fully decked out for the festive period by mid-november. I probably would have too if it wasn’t for late November birthdays. Instead I am only just in the midst of putting up the decorations —Why does it take a weekContinue reading “December – taking stock”

November – quick, write something!

Well that escalated quickly. We find ourselves about to enter another lockdown at midnight, though schools remain open this time (for now), and we are all sitting with baited breath at the outcome of the US election. I’m not into politics, and I have almost zero knowledge of the US voting system, but it’s likeContinue reading “November – quick, write something!”