Character Series – Lucas

Last, but certainly not least, in my character series is Lucas. For some he’s a bit like Marmite. For me, he’s been a slow burn that has gradually grown on me, to the extent that he is now one of my favourite characters to write.

After doing a little Google search I came across an actor called Alessandro Etrusco and, apart from the eye colour, I thought he would make a great Lucas.


  • Age – approximately 3000, in his current guise.
  • Birthday – Not sure he has one.
  • Height – 6′ 3″
  • Build – Light to Medium
  • Skin Colouring – Tawny
  • Eye Colour – Powder Blue, almost colourless. The skin around his eyes are quite red.
  • Hair – Black
  • Occupation – Self proclaimed king.
  • Relationship Status – Erm, you’ll have to read and see.
  • Fears – He keeps this close to his chest, but Tory figures him out.
  • Hobbies – Drinking blood laced wine and throwing the occasional ball.

So, as you can tell from the info above, Lucas isn’t quite what he seems. I can tell you that he is an original vampire with a starring role. Although we don’t meet him until well into Sorceress of Truth, his past, present, and future is tied up with Tory and her journey. But, as for why, you really will have to read the book.

The years haven’t been kind to Lucas, and he can sometimes come across a little crazy, but he is extremely intelligent and aware. He’s bored with life, having been there and done that, so there’s not much that will surprise him. That is, until Tory arrives. She appears to give his life purpose again, to awaken thoughts and feelings that he had long suppressed. But, what will that mean for Tory?

Star Sign – As I mentioned before, we have no idea about his birth. If I had to choose a star sign for Lucas, I would go with Scorpio. Scorpio’s lie in wait and strike when least expected, they know what they want and don’t mind playing the game in order to get it. They can be very calculating and keep their cards close to their chest. Being ruled by Pluto, a Scorpio can appear ambitious and exciting but, they have a relentless desire for control. They aren’t all bad though. A Scorpio enjoys building deep and soulful connections and, if they trust you, they will show unparalleled empathy and commitment.

Favourite Food – Blood. Come to think of it, Tory never see’s him eat, only drink different types of ruby liquid.

Favourite Decade – The 30’s/40’s. Sorry, to be clear, the 1530’s/40’s! Henry VIII was a hoot, and all those beheadings? Such sport.

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