Character Series – Pepper

Today we turn the spotlight on Pepper. She’s the first student Tory is introduced to at her new school, and Pepper quickly takes Tory under her wing, although there may be ulterior motives at play. Years ago, I came across this digital painting online. It has a signature, though I’ve been unable to trace it’sContinue reading “Character Series – Pepper”

How is your September?

We are already well into September, and it occurred to me that I haven’t spoken about my goals for the month, or let you know what’s happening in my life away from the keyboard. I posted on Instagram at the start of the month with what I was hoping to achieve. So far I’m doingContinue reading “How is your September?”

Character Series – Kylan

Today we are getting to know Kylan. He quickly becomes a very important person in Tory’s life, however it’s not all plain sailing. As I was writing the Sorceress of Truth I came across the actor/singer Dean Geyer. He had the perfect look for Kylan so I have used him as a muse ever since.Continue reading “Character Series – Kylan”