How is your September?

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We are already well into September, and it occurred to me that I haven’t spoken about my goals for the month, or let you know what’s happening in my life away from the keyboard.

I posted on Instagram at the start of the month with what I was hoping to achieve.

So far I’m doing well. The Sorceress of Truth edits are well under way, and we may actually be ahead of schedule.

On an evening I have been re-reading Sorceress of Flame, editing, and adding bits where I feel it’s needed.

Once I’ve gone through everything, only then will I know if what I already have is in line with where I want the story to go, and plot accordingly.

I’m putting off the plotting of Don of Avery 2, partly because I don’t need to know until National Novel Writing Month in November. But, while I know the ending, I came to the realisation that I need to know Rafael’s story before I can finish Avery’s.

Rafael is one of the main male characters, and a typical hot blooded, mafia/gang leader of Italian decent. It’s quite interesting writing from his point of view, and I’ve had to channel my inner rage, which has come surprisingly easily due to one of the obstacles I am facing in my home life.

We are in the process of having a new bathroom fitted, which looks amazing, but comes with a whole host of problems.

Let’s just say, three weeks without a working shower does not a happy Jodie make.

I won’t bore you with the details, I’m sure my writing buddies are sick of hearing about them, but confrontation is not my thing. In fact, I ended up losing a whole weekend due to a migraine, which I’m sure was brought on due to stress.

In happier news, I’ve managed to go through half a chapter of ‘Jewel of the Sea’ for Alison Aldridge. This doesn’t sound a lot but, I’m hoping to get loads more done on my trip next week.

I’m going to meet some of my fellow World Indie Warriors at Ingram Sparks offices in Milton Keynes and go on a tour. I’m super excited, obviously to be meeting them in person, but also to see where Sorceress of Truth will be coming from in just a few short weeks!

You can follow my adventures on Instagram, though I’m sure I will write up a blog post once I get home.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my ramblings today and, at some point in the next week, I intend to release another post in my Character Series, where you will get to know Pepper in all her glory.

Speak soon, Jodie xx

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