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Welcome to a brand new feature where I get to spend time with some of my characters and play good cop/bad cop as I ask the questions everyone wants to know. First up is Mary. Luckily, I managed to catch her at the church owned by Lucas before she had to leave on some mission. Here’s a mini bio to get us started.

Known only as Mary, any other names have been forgotten to time. She was born in 1542 and was once one of Mary Queen of Scots’ ladies in waiting.

Mary is 5’5″ tall with a slight figure and her most striking feature is her long banner of bright red hair.

I’m sitting in what looks like an old room used for storage. Benches line the walls and, like many of the rooms in the church, there is a stunning stained glass window depicting an angel. Mary glides into the room and takes a seat opposite me, crossing her legs with the grace of a ballet dancer.

Jodie: Hi Mary, it’s great to meet you properly. I hope you are well?
Mary: As well as can be expected, I guess. (She shrugs with a small quirk of her lips.)

J: Mmmm… (Tapping my pen on my notepad) It was touch and go there with Tory for a while. How worried were you?
M: Her injuries were quite severe. If she didn’t make it… No. It’s not worth thinking about. She’s alright now, which is the main thing.

J: You seem to look on the bright side most of the time. When Tory is conflicted, you are able to help her reason things out and allow her to reach her own conclusion. Have you always been that way?
M: (She smiles brightly.) In a way, I had to be. It was drilled into me from an early age due to my position in society. As a courtier, yes, we were afforded some luxuries, but everything was a balancing act. One step out of place, a look taken in the wrong way, a comment or piece of advice that was taken out of context, and you would find yourself packing your bags and out on the street, or worse.

J: Talking of court, how long were you with Mary Stuart?
M: From the beginning to the end (She sighs wistfully with a faraway look). By the time she was executed, I’d already been turned.

J: You must have had amazing self control as a fledgling vampire to remain in service and be surrounded by people.
M: Mmm, I’m sure there are still a few mysteries from the time that are yet to be solved (She lifts an eyebrow pointedly and we both laugh). In all honesty, it helped that we didn’t have all the electronic devices that we have now. There are a lot of things us vampires have gotten away with over the years that we wouldn’t dream of doing now. It’s just not worth the risk. But you could say I was one of the lucky ones. My maker remained close to me, helped me, mentored me.

J: So, who was your maker, and why did they turn you?
M: Good questions, but not something I want to go into.
(I can’t hide my disappointment but she shrugs with a small shake of her head.)
It’s no secret, but I’d rather not say until I’ve spoken with someone. They don’t know and I’d rather be the one to tell them, so they don’t hear it along the grapevine. I just need to find a quiet moment.
As for why, I still don’t know the full reasons. I think they were looking for some companionship and were also sympathetic of my situation. It was possible that I would suffer the same fate as Mary.

J: What did you do from there? The 1500s were a long time ago.
M: True, but time also has a way of passing by. To protect me from questioning —there’s only so long you can put the lack of aging down to good genes— we travelled to a remote part of France. I learned so much. Up until that point, I’d lived as a Lady. Suddenly I was able to wear men’s clothing, go hunting, tracking and foraging, use swords and fight. I never looked back, only forwards to the next adventure.

J: You’ve known Kylan for some time and seem quite friendly. When did your paths cross, and how close were you exactly?
M: (She tucks some hair behind her ear, a half smile tugging at one side of her mouth.) Yes, we’ve known each other a while, since the end of the 1800s. We met in Blackpool, and it’s a long story involving the circus and some other events that I’ll leave to Ky to discuss. They aren’t my secrets to tell.
Over the years, we have somehow managed to find our way back to each other despite the size of the world and lack of communication. It’s gotten better in recent years.
To answer the real question, we have been very close. There was once the possibility of us being something more, but circumstances conspired against us.

J: Would you still like there to be something more between you?
M: (Letting out a long breath, she takes her time to answer and I’m on the edge of my seat.) Yes… and no.
Is there still an attraction? I think so. I mean, have you seen him? And it’s not just looks. He’s really sweet and caring, but there’s also this brooding, troubled side to him that is very appealing. When we were together, there was undeniable chemistry.
But, he’s with Tory now. I’m not the kind of person to go steaming in and destroy a relationship. Besides, I do really like Tory and, seeing them together, despite the age gap, they are good for each other.

J: But, aren’t you a few hundred years older than Ky?
M: You’ve got me there.
(We both laugh until there is a knock at the door. One of Lucas’ staff calls to Mary that it is time.)

J: Well, thank you so much for allowing me to interview you, Mary.
M: No, thank you for having me. I just hope that we can do it again sometime in the future.

After Mary leaves the room, it suddenly feels so much colder. It’s true that she brings a warmth with her, like a big hug. Whatever mission the group are going on, it sounds intense. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they all return.

Jodie xxx

Guest edited by K. Weaver

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