May – It’s late!

Better late than never, I guess, but I’m going to try and make this short. Obviously May has begun in the best way possible —a bank holiday weekend!— which has been great for spending time with family, but not so much for writing this blog post or my newsletter. Talking of my newsletter, subscribers toContinue reading “May – It’s late!”

April – Windmills and Pancakes

March was such a jam packed month from start to finish, it’s hard to pick out just a few highlights to share with you. There were books and windmills, sports and pancakes, Anniversaries and Mother’s Day, and even a little bit of writing. It started with a family funeral, and then a massive panic whenContinue reading “April – Windmills and Pancakes”

August – don’t forget the raincoat!

Yay, it’s the summer holidays! Which means, of course, that the heavens will open and us Brit’s will be heading to the beach to enjoy some soggy fish and chips in the rain. But, that’s all part of the fun and charm of summer in the UK. Every year since I can remember we haveContinue reading “August – don’t forget the raincoat!”

July – plodding away

I thought I would keep this one short and sweet! It’s been a busy month, is all I can say. I made a last minute decision to move my website as the plan with my previous provider was coming to an end. So, it was a race against time to get this one up andContinue reading “July – plodding away”

May – when it rains it pours…

And I don’t mean the weather, which has actually been quite decent recently. No, this time it’s COVID. Everything was going so well. School was back up and running after the Easter break, the sun was shining, restrictions had been relaxed slightly and I’d had my second jab. Then our feet were swept from underneathContinue reading “May – when it rains it pours…”