July – plodding away

I thought I would keep this one short and sweet!

It’s been a busy month, is all I can say. I made a last minute decision to move my website as the plan with my previous provider was coming to an end. So, it was a race against time to get this one up and running. I hope you like all of the changes and updates, and feel free to let me know if there is anything else you would like to see on here.

The IKEA trip happened —my bank card sobbed as I put it in the reader— but the upstairs office is well on its way to being completed and is looking great. There have been no major dramas, besides the carpet having been fitted for two days and my husbands desk chair leaking oil or grease onto it! I still have to do something about it but for now it has a scrap piece of carpet over the top hiding the damage.

I finished the book I was reading, The Sentinels: Saving Lives by Cassidy Reyne, and I’m now onto Ocean Heart, by Ally Aldridge. I’ve read both books before, I was lucky to be involved with their early stages of release, but I always like to read them again in paperback form. They are from very different genres with equally different writing styles, but both of them are fantastic and I highly recommend you give them a go.

July brings with it another Camp NaNoWriMo, and another attempt at finishing book two, Sorceress of Flame. I have been plodding along with a few hundred words at a time, not much but still progress.

I know I keep saying it, I do really want to finish and release this book into the world as I know there are a lot of people waiting for it —and I know you will love it!— but it is really giving me issues.

I’m at a stage where it’s not yet finished, with plenty of room for expansion in some parts, and it’s already coming up to 125,000 words. To put this in context, Sorceress of Truth is just below 72,000. So, do I split this into two books or keep it as one?

For now I will just try to keep writing, and in the meantime allow my critique partners to read the unedited version of what I have and give their opinions. I now understand why it’s been taking me so long to write.

It’s been great having this chat. Unfortunately it’s a Friday evening which means I’ve got to go and get ready for work. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, I’m always happy to answer any questions or just have a chat. And, let me know if you are taking part in Camp Nano!

Take care, Jodie xxx

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  1. I love the new website look. What a lovely surprise to see Ocean Heart is next up on your TBR. 😍

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