June – the sun has got his hat on

After a terrible wet spell in the U.K. the sun has finally come out, just in time for half term. I would say I’m happy about it but it now means I have to split my time between the house and the garden and nothing gets finished properly.

On the plus side it might be nice to try and fit in some outdoor writing sessions once school starts back next week. Maybe lunch and a drink or two on the decking will be a great escape from the chaos indoors.

I’m still trying to slowly work through our clutter and get more organised, but I’m struggling to move around at the moment as we are having my husbands office decorated. We’ve got boxes and boxes of board games stacked up all through our bedroom, so I can’t wait until the new shelving goes up. Unfortunately that requires a trip to IKEA, of which I have a love hate relationship. Okay, I confess, it’s my bank balance that has the problem!

I can’t say an awful lot happened during May, although it felt good not to set any goals.

We started the month having been tested positive for Covid. We had to isolate for the first 10 days and in general we did well. My husband was left with an ear infection and I have some lingering breathlessness, but my daughter is perfectly fine.

My first day out of the house was eventful. It was meant to be a simple trip to take the car for it’s annual service, which ended with me spending a fortune on books, getting caught in a mighty downpour, and catching a bus home —as the car wasn’t ready to be picked up— which subsequently broke down en route.

The lifting of some of the lockdown restrictions has made a huge change for us. We were able to finish the month on a high with a family visit.

It had been 15 months since we’d last driven down to the Midlands, and we couldn’t have picked a better weekend. The weather was glorious so we walked to my childhood park, wandered down the canal, and even had a drink in a beer garden!

So, June, what are you bringing my way?

Hopefully I will be able to get more reading under my belt. I’m doing well with this years Goodreads challenge, having read 9 of the 15 books I am targeting. I know some people can read hundreds of books in a year but I’ve got no chance, not with how slow I am.

In terms of writing, I am in the middle of a hard chapter that I really want to get to the end of. I don’t want to give too much away but there is a confrontation where Tory is demanding a lot of answers. Being someone who avoids confrontation, I’m certainly finding it a challenge.

Well, I’d best get back to it. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, I’m always happy to answer any questions or just have a chat. It would be great to hear what you have been up to!

Take care, Jodie xxx

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