April – it’s all change.

I cannot believe we are already through the first quarter of 2021. It’s utter madness! I know in some ways we were sat around wishing the days away until lockdown restrictions were lifted (Sorry to anyone in Europe at the moment.), but now it’s happened it makes me sad to think about all the timeContinue reading “April – it’s all change.”

August – meh!

So it’s August… anyone else feeling completely deflated? This time of year I’ve normally just been to spend a few days with family, had a night or two away just my daughter and I, had several fun and interesting days out, and would be in the middle of packing for our annual camping trip toContinue reading “August – meh!”

July – what do you have in store for us?

How are we all feeling? What’s the situation where you are? I hope June was kind to you, for me it was much the same. In the UK everything is slowly starting to open back up but I still very rarely go anywhere. To me everything seems so strange and alien, and I doubt weContinue reading “July – what do you have in store for us?”

It’s been 3785 days…

Okay, slight exaggeration, more like 47, but who’s counting? I feel like every day I should wake up to the Big Brother voice over or, at the very least, be making daily updates into the star log. I hope April was kind to you. Despite good intentions, I think the reality of being home 24/7Continue reading “It’s been 3785 days…”

April – a Continuation of March?

So, ummm, that escalated quickly. It’s safe to say the world has imploded and any goals I set for myself last month went out of the window. I’m guessing you may have had similar issues. In summary, my Facebook live with Cassidy Reyne in the World Indie Warriors Group went ahead as planned. We areContinue reading “April – a Continuation of March?”