October – bring on the pumpkin spice!

Well that was an interesting September. On one hand I don’t think I reached a single one of my goals, but on the other I managed to fit in so many other things – my days were never boring! In fact, I managed to create a new trailer for Sorceress of Truth. What do you think?

Sorceress of Truth – J.D. Groom

My creativity really suffered during the month and I know it was because everything at home was in such a mess. I can’t work in a messy environment. My head just won’t settle into the task at hand and instead will create a gazillion to do lists and will have an attention span worse than when I try to follow The Witcher storyline and focus on Geralt’s leather trousers instead. Easily done, my friend, easily done.

Anyway, I think we are getting somewhere. After completing a spot of decorating, planning some more home improvements for the coming month or two and setting some de-cluttering tasks, I can rest easier. And, boy do I have some plans. First up though is a short family break to one of our favourite holiday spots, Center Parcs.

We were quite mixed about going, what with the dreaded ‘rona but we were quite happy with the procedures put in place around the park. Plus, there comes a point when the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, such as the time spent as a family in the outdoors. With our Wales trip having been cancelled I really need to get out under the trees and recharge.

The remainder of October is going to be spent prepping the project that I’m going to be working on during National Novel Writing Month in November. I’ve already decided it will be a short story or novella that is a prequel to Sorceress of Truth and will be available as a free download as part of my newsletter. I don’t think it will be a big enough project to require 50,000 words so I will likely focus on the first draft of Sorceress of Flame too.

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There are a few other things in the pipe-line, such as hosting a webinar for World Indie Warriors about story bibles and how they can help you with your writing, and editing the short story that I’ve been meaning to upload to Wattpad for the last year.

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Anyway, I hope you have a great October, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates of what is happening in the life of me!

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

Speak soon, Jodie xxx

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