July – what do you have in store for us?

How are we all feeling? What’s the situation where you are? I hope June was kind to you, for me it was much the same. In the UK everything is slowly starting to open back up but I still very rarely go anywhere. To me everything seems so strange and alien, and I doubt weContinue reading “July – what do you have in store for us?”

Author Q&A – Julia Scott

Our June Q&A is with author, Julia Scott. I’ve been a follower of Julia’s on Instagram for a couple of years now, since I became more active on the platform. Her feed always looks so organised and pretty, you really should take a look. I’ve had her novel, The Mirror Souls, in my TBR pileContinue reading “Author Q&A – Julia Scott”

June – a few days late

It’s safe to say my creativity has taken a nose dive and I’m struggling to find the motivation, and time, to sit down and write. To be fair, I can’t just blame it on our current situation. I often struggle to write at this time of the year as I have so many other thingsContinue reading “June – a few days late”

Author Q&A – Elexis Bell

Our May author Q&A is here and we are teaming up with Elexis Bell. I first met Elexis on Instagram and I’ve gotten to know her much better through World Indie Warriors. A self confessed introvert, she is able to create worlds and lives in such a way, it will leave you with a massiveContinue reading “Author Q&A – Elexis Bell”

It’s been 3785 days…

Okay, slight exaggeration, more like 47, but who’s counting? I feel like every day I should wake up to the Big Brother voice over or, at the very least, be making daily updates into the star log. I hope April was kind to you. Despite good intentions, I think the reality of being home 24/7Continue reading “It’s been 3785 days…”