Don’t Forget the Extra Day!

Yes, hello February, indeed! As the title suggests, don’t forget that it is a leap year. So, what will you be doing with your extra day?

Firstly, I would like to take a look back at January and everything we have (or haven’t!) managed to achieve.

As revealed at the start of the year, instead of New Years Resolutions I am just going to be tackling a giant to-do list, and this is what I’ve managed so far.

Sorceress Of Flame
* Brought first draft up to 50,000 words.
* Arranged m/s review.

Other Tasks
* I got half way through a book.
* Started to enter DofA into a competition but not sure if I will continue.

* Monthly book review.
* Monthly Author Q&A.
* Post regular blog.
* Launched new ‘Works’ page.
* Brought all of the pages up to date.
* Added an events page.

Social Media
* Spent more time interacting with the #writingcommunity on Twitter.
* Created new aesthetics for IG.
* Got back into having a pretty and organised grid.
*Post more SofT snippets etc.
* Organised my Pinterest board.

I’m pretty happy that a lot of my ‘admin’ activities are done and out of the way, which should allow for more writing and reading.

During January, Sorceress of Truth also made it into the Top 50 Book Covers in the Cover Contest. This was mostly down to many of you supporting me and voting, so a massive ‘Thank you‘ to each and every one of you.

My main target for February is to focus on book 2, Sorceress of Flame. I would love to reach at least 60,000 words, ideally 65,000, if I want to stick to my November release schedule. The only stumbling block is the school half term holiday, (And boy do we have a week planned.) I can’t wait! Follow my Instagram Stories to see what we get up to.

I don’t think I have much else to say other than watch this space for another great Author Q&A and Book Review.

Speak soon! Jodie XXX

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