Book Review – Wiccan Romances: Amelia’s Story

At the back end of 2019 I read this debut novel by Nicola Hebron. In a change of pace to last months review, this book is less about the action (although there is definitely some in there) and more about navigating teenage first loves while also getting to grips with your magical abilities.

Amelia, Ben, Charlie and Sam Taylor have just learnt that they have inherited magic powers from their dad. Join them as their powers grow and they battle a long-term family enemy, all while navigating their school and love lives.
In book 1 we follow Amelia as she adapts to her powers of telekinesis and control over water alongside her new relationship with her brothers’ friend and long-time crush Aidan. Will their relationship withstand the obstacles Lia’s magic cause or will she end up with London-based suitor Edward who claims they are destined to be together due to an ancient family promise?

This is a great little story dealing with the coming of age of four very close, but also very different, siblings. They are quadruplets, and we find out within the first few pages just how different they are. Each has an affinity with a different element, and each has their own beliefs about magic and its uses.

One thing is certain, the boys are massively protective of their sister. This has been written well though as they aren’t overbearing brothers who think they know better, they give their opinions and then let Lia make her own decisions.

Now, it wouldn’t be a romance without mentioning the romance!

Amelia has been quietly admiring family friend, Aidan, for a while but, what would happen if he felt the same? How would a relationship affect the dynamics of their friends and family? And, more importantly, what would happen if it went wrong?

Then comes a curve ball in the shape of a flashy newcomer by the name of Edward. He brings news of a family debt, and Lia is just the person to settle it.

Overall, this was a thoroughly entertaining and unputdownable read. The language used would suite the 16-18 year old market which makes it easy and uncomplicated, a real escape.

Book 2 in the Wiccan Romances series, Sam’s Story, is out on the 29th February and is available now to pre-order.

Available in print and ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones etc.

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