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Character Corner – Mary

Welcome to a brand new feature where I get to spend time with some of my characters and play good cop/bad cop as I ask the questions everyone wants to know. First up is Mary. Luckily, I managed to catch her at the church owned by Lucas before she had to leave on some mission. Here’s a mini bio to get us started. Known … Read More Character Corner – Mary


September – looking for normality

I don’t know about you but August seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. Gone are the days of 10am wake ups and 3am bedtimes, and with a bump we are back to breakfast arguments and the school run. While our daily lives have been turned upside down —trust me, I was really apprehensive about sending Amberley back to school— it … Read More September – looking for normality


I’m a warrior!

Okay, so I don’t quite mean swords and shields, and blood and gore. That’s a little too… energetic for my liking, unless there’s a roaring fire, fluffy slippers and a mug of hot chocolate waiting for me. No, I’m a World Indie Warrior! “What the heck?” I hear you cry, but bear with me. World Indie Warriors began its life as a collective group … Read More I’m a warrior!

YouTube: I’m Her Biggest Fan

Originally posted on Author Ally Aldridge:
So in my first YouTube video I declare myself as author J.D.Groom‘s biggest fan. I’ve got the book, the mug, the coaster, the candle… In my debut YouTube video, I share the fabulous Sorceress of Truth merchandise I got my hands on. We’ll have a closer look at the book, and I’ll discuss why this author means so…


August – meh!

So it’s August… anyone else feeling completely deflated? This time of year I’ve normally just been to spend a few days with family, had a night or two away just my daughter and I, had several fun and interesting days out, and would be in the middle of packing for our annual camping trip to Wales. Instead, I find myself locked at home in … Read More August – meh!