September – late to the party!

Nine days in already, yikes! Where does the time go?

Well, the summer holidays are over for another year and back to school routines will be kicking in over the coming weeks. But, for now, I’m eager just to sit back and put my feet up, recovering from an intense few weeks.

Through August alone we’ve had a wedding, a funeral, visits to and from family, a camping holiday, a complete transformation of the garden (including building furniture), a deep clean of the entire house, and organising a belated 40th Birthday party for my husband. All of this whilst making sure the girl child is fed and watered and working a couple of nights a week. It’s no surprise then that I’ve been very quiet on social media and hardly touched my projects.

I was so happy to finally spend time in Wales again, even if the weather wasn’t at its best. It didn’t allow for much beach time, but there were plenty of other activities to fill our days, including a trip to the beautiful Portmeirion. I did have a little success, managing to add a few thousand words to my prequel, but that’s as far as I got all month.

After waiting a year, Dave finally got his 40th celebration. His actual Birthday was on the Sunday, so we held the party on the Saturday and called it a “Still 40” party. Technically he was still 40, until the clock struck midnight. In my mind he was getting two birthday celebrations for the price of one!

Having hosted many parties over the years we decided to make it easier on ourselves and hire a caterer. This, however, didn’t go quite to plan when they called just a week before the event to cancel. It was Covid related so I couldn’t complain too much, it was just a massive disappoint­ment. With only a weeks notice it was pretty impossible to find a replacement, so we catered it ourselves and bought sandwich platters from a supermarket. It was a huge stress that I didn’t need but worked out well in the end, we even had complements for how good the food was.

The party ended up being a huge success with many a sore head in the morning. Mine wasn’t feeling too great but I put it down to tiredness, having worked the night before and barely getting 4 hours of sleep in approximately 40 hours. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Now I’m sufficiently rested, what does the rest of September have in store?

I’ll definitely be going to the seaside for a few days. I also have a theatre trip booked, as well as the more mundane things like a dentist appointment. Other than that, I just want to be more active on my various platforms and get into a good place with all of my projects. I’m
hoping to have written all of my prequel and done a self edit of Sorceress of Flame by the end of October, which will allow me to write book 3 during NaNoWriMo in November. No pressure though, I’m going to be taking everything at my own pace.

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to, and what you are doing over the next few weeks. Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram, I’m always happy to answer any questions or just chat writing, books, and life.

Speak soon, Jodie xxx

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