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For this months review I’m going to be looking at Agent Undone, a romantic suspense by author Cassidy Reyne that has been released TODAY!!!

I was extremely lucky to have received an advanced copy and can guarantee, if you have read any of Cassidy’s other novels, you will not be disappointed. That being said, we have to be clear that Agent Undone is not part of The Sentinels series. This is completely separate, a standalone novel that is in some ways edgier and grittier, dealing with a lot of very dark, and very real, subjects.

The book is told from the perspectives of two main characters, and they couldn’t be more different. Carter Hollis is a DEA Agent, being forced to take leave from his demanding and high pressured job due to an injury. To say he misses the action is an understatement so he pushes himself harder than he probably should to regain his fitness. Taking to daily runs across the sands of a Florida beach as the sun rises would be a spectacular experience to anyone, but Carter isn’t interested in the view. Well, that would be a lie. There’s one view that he becomes obsessed with, and her name is Madison.

Maddy is nothing like Carter’s normal type. In fact, after a horrific experience where his ex-girlfriend died in his arms during a mission, he has sworn off women completely. As far as he is concerned, as long as he follows his mantra of love ’em and leave ’em, his heart will remain safe from further hurt, locking it away in it’s own vault. Madison, on the other hand, is screaming out for someone to love her.

After growing up being passed from pillar to post in the foster system, she found herself in a vulnerable position. She was taken advantage of, shaped and molded, until she could take it no longer. Now living under a new identity, she is rebuilding her life, but the scars are still there. Jumpy and somewhat paranoid, she keeps one eye trained over her shoulder waiting for the day she will be found.

Carter becomes increasingly frustrated at the situation. His body is rebelling, making him feel like a teenager when he is around Maddy, but when opportunities arise elsewhere a certain appendage does not. It’s a problem easily solved. He just needs to get Maddy out of his system in the only way he knows how, an all night session to leave them both satisfied. There’s just one monumental problem, he can’t force himself to get close to her in that way. He can see the darkness of her past swirling in her eyes, a haunted look of fear, and he knows any false move and the shutters would come down.

Duty calls and Carter returns to mission after mission, and when he finally has some downtime, Madison has disappeared without a trace. You can’t win them all, but something isn’t quite right, and Carter is left with way more questions than answers.

From then on Agent Undone is full of action, pain, misunderstandings, health issues, violence, drugs… I could go on, but I’ll leave you to find out the rest.

I love both of the characters as they are so well thought out. They have flaws, they have their own personal demons, and they both go on a journey. There will be moments that leave you with tears in your eyes, plenty that will make you so angry that you want to step into the book and give someone a close look at your first, and several more that will have you calling Carter an idiot (Trust me, I called him worse than that but I’d better not repeat it).

For a real emotional rollercoaster, this is a must read. The way Cassidy is able to pull it out of the bag time and time again is an art form. I can guarantee that you will be hooked from the first page.

For your copy of Agent undone, head to Amazon and keep up with Cassidy Reyne and her new releases on Instagram.

Speak soon, Jodie xxx

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