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Long Time No See

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are trying to keep all of your plates spinning while on a rollercoaster at 100 miles per hour? Well, I just had one of those months, which goes some way to explaining my absence. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the ride, it was tough at times, but I just had to prioritise a … Read More Long Time No See


Missing Months, Inspiration and the Dreaded E-word

Editing and writing took a back seat, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t filing away ideas and inspiration for the future.


April Goals

For most people, you wouldn’t get on a bus or train without a destination in mind, would you?


March Review

Hi everyone! I hope you are well. I apologise for not blogging recently but after the release of Envy, everything went a little crazy. So, how was your March? Did you hit all of your goals? Here is a roundup of my month. March Goals Read a book from my To Be Read pile – I actually read four, and in very quick succession! … Read More March Review