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March Review

Hi everyone! I hope you are well. I apologise for not blogging recently but after the release of Envy, everything went a little crazy.

So, how was your March? Did you hit all of your goals? Here is a roundup of my month.

March Goals

  • Read a book from my To Be Read pile – I actually read four, and in very quick succession!
  • Read a story from an Instagram friend – I read a short story, The Truth About Wendy, by Stephen Cyr and it was a beautiful, heartwarming story about Wendy’s mind and life after Peter Pan. You can grab a copy on Amazon.
  • Write 5000 words – This one surprised me. I managed 11,261 words and I think that was mostly due to nightly wordsprints. Join me on Twitter to find out more.
  • Release Envy on Amazon – If you didn’t see my previous post then… where have you been? I managed to release it mid month and it has already received an amazing review! Check out the ‘Releases’ tab above and if you read it, please leave a review.
  • Package up my Murder Mystery – yeah, lets skip that one…
  • Add more exercise into my day – It’s no secret that you don’t get a lot of exercise sat at a desk, so I have started to go back to the gym again. It was just my luck that they were closed for refurbishment, so I couldn’t start straight away, but now I’m back I’m loving all the new machines.
  • Decorate the house – I’ve painted the porch ceiling so…….
  • Tidy up the garden – I managed to guilt trip my husband into mowing the garden for the first time this year and it looks so much better.

We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary, which included a night away at the hotel where we were married, and I went to the ballet. I’m hoping to do a little post over the next few days to tell you all about it. In the meantime, why not consider some goals for April? I will be back tomorrow with what I want to achieve this month.

Over and out!

Jodie xx

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