Sorceress of Truth

Normally around this time of the month I review a book that I’ve recently read. I’ve been super busy with Camp NaNoWriMo, so I’ve hardly had the chance to pick up a book, let alone finish one. So, for this month I thought I would do something a little different.

Over the last year I’ve been involved with some fantastic podcasts, interviews and takeovers, and I’ve also received some amazing feedback and reviews for Sorceress of Truth. I want to share these with you and relive some of the highs.

First up we have the podcast that I recorded with Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta just before I released Sorceress of Truth(SofT) in November last year. It was part of her LEGupward Inclusion Spotlight and I got to talk about all things SofT, as well as more serious matters such as real life influences and Diversity and Inclusion.

You can take a listen here. And, FYI, I was super nervous!

My first big review came on release day form The Magic Book Corner and, at 4.5 out of 5 stars, I was bouncing around the living room reading it excitedly to my husband. The comments I was most proud of were about originality, and the realness of my characters.

“Extremely imaginative and beautifully written, this YA novel seamlessly intertwines pretty cool magic with vampires, fae, elves, angels and demons, as well as a promise of much more to come. And in a fantasy world where all the above elements have already been depicted in a myriad of ways, this author still manages to pull off something new and bring originality to the table.”

The Magic Book Corner – Read the full review here!

When I took part in my first author Q&A, that was probably the moment that it really sunk in that I was a writer. Ally Aldridge asked me to appear in a new feature on her website and I simply couldn’t say no. It was a lot of fun, and it made want to do more. So I did!

Behind the Book, with Ally Aldridge

Heart-to-Heart, with The Magic Book Corner

My most recent interview was a Heart-to-Heart with The Magic Book Corner as part of #TheMagicBookCornersWednesdayatWIW . There we discussed in depth not only Sorceress of Truth, but also my short story, Envy, and other projects I have going on in the background.

Since releasing SofT, I’ve been so happy with all of the reviews I’ve received, and the latest from Sarah Neofield is no exception.

“For all its similarities to Twilight, ‘Sorceress of Truth’ is more on almost every level. It contains a much richer world of mythical creatures, for starters.”

Sarah Neofield – Read the full review here!

This comment alone made my day. Actually, scrap that, I’ll go with year! I know for many Twilight isn’t the epitome of YA literature, but you cannot deny the popularity and huge fandom that it created.

During the early years, as Sorceress of Truth was coming to life, Twilight was THE novel that everyone was into. Even now the series remains sitting on my bookshelves next to all of my other fantasy novels. I can’t say that they didn’t inspire me in some way because I’m almost positive they did.

So, to put it a different way… would you like your book to be compared to a best seller that has sold over 100 million copies world wide and come out on top? I think the correct answer would be, ‘Hell, yeah!’.

If you haven’t read Sorceress of Truth yet, I think you should add it to your ‘to be read’ pile straight away. But, of course I would say that, wouldn’t I? If you need a little more encouragement, I’ll leave you with one final review quote.

“Sorceress of Truth is the first YA fantasy book I’ve read in a while, and JD Groom’s book is the perfect example of why I love this genre.”

Melanie – Read the full review here!

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