Today we are getting to know Kylan. He quickly becomes a very important person in Tory’s life, however it’s not all plain sailing.

As I was writing the Sorceress of Truth I came across the actor/singer Dean Geyer. He had the perfect look for Kylan so I have used him as a muse ever since.

Kylan (Ky) Mackey

  • Age – 22*
  • Birthday – 5th September 1857*
  • Height – 6′ 1″
  • Build – Medium
  • Skin Colouring – Golden
  • Eye Colour – Light Blue
  • Hair – Brown
  • Occupation – Lead Guardian.
  • Relationship Status – It’s Complicated.
  • Fears – Repeating his past mistakes.
  • Hobbies – He doesn’t have a lot of time for hobbies but he enjoys being with his friends.

Kylan lives at the ‘big house’ along with several other people, including the girls that Tory becomes friends with. He is seen as the ‘big brother’ of the group and is well liked.

He’s led an interesting life, being born in Australia, spending time across Europe, the USA and now the UK. Ky’s done everything from being a ranch hand, a farmer, a banker, a soldier, and has even been in the circus. I won’t go into anymore detail, you’ll just have to read the books!

Bad Habits – Kylan wears a ring on his left hand which he messes with a lot without realising it. This is something Tory picks up on quite quickly.

Star Sign – Kylan is a Virgo. He finds himself driven by the need for perfection and stability, which can give way to cautiousness. In a group, he is able to understand others and falls easily into the leadership role.

If he was a Greek God – I would say he is more like Prometheus. He has a lot of knowledge in arts and science, and is worried about the welfare of humans.

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