Hello! July is now well under way and, if where you live is anything like Yorkshire, you’ve already experienced all four seasons. Right now the sun is shining so I’d best not complain.

Just a few weeks left of school, and then summer can truly start. Are you off on your jollies? We will be heading to our usual camping spot near this amazing beach in Porthmadog, Wales. In fact, I love this part of the UK so much that it makes an appearance in book 2 of the Divine Prophecy series!

Talking of Divine Prophecy, I’ve now completed my major edits of the Sorceress of Truth! Woohoo!! But, I mustn’t start the party yet, there is still a long way to go.

It’s now with Beta readers who will give constructive feedback and then I can make it even better. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, I actually think it’s at a standard where I could launch pretty soon, BUT it wouldn’t be my best work. I want to make sure that what I release into the world is to the best of my ability and something that my readers will be excited to own.

Once I’ve taken the views of my Beta’s into consideration, the Sorceress of Truth will undergo one final round of edits before landing with some ARC readers. These guys will be what hopefully propels my book into the public domain. It’s their reviews and opinions that will be on book sites, social media and across other platforms.

Only then will I be ready to click the launch button. But hang on, what will you be doing? I hear you ask.

There is still a lot to do behind the scenes. Everything from deciding what platform to sell my book on to print sizes, what colour and thickness of paper to pricing points, graphics to formatting, and all this whilst keeping momentum on my social media platforms and penning book two.

There are other projects in the pipeline too that I keep pecking away at when I have the time, however I won’t speak about them just now. I would rather keep you in suspense a little longer.

Speak soon,

Jodie XXX

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