You may, or may not, have seen my announcement on social media regarding the titles of my upcoming Young Adult Fantasy series.

The Sorceress was always a working title. I’m pretty rubbish at naming things so it has taken me a while to come up with something that I am happy with. Anyway, here it is…..

So what does this mean moving forward?

Book 1 will be released under the title ‘Sorceress of Truth’. I’m hoping to be done with edits by mid June so then I might be looking at around October for books to hit the shelves.

Book 2, or ‘Sorceress of Flame’ as it will officially be known, is currently at first draft stage with a long way to go. If I’m lucky, that may come out in 2020.

The main books are a duology that will be referred to as the ‘Divine Prophecy’ series. Any further short stories or novellas relating to this world will also come under this banner.

I’m so excited for what is to come over the next few months! For all updates of the series I will be using the hashtag #divineprophecy , especially on Instagram, so feel free to come on over and join in the fun.

Speak soon. Jodie xx

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