How is your April going?

For me, Camp NaNoWriMo is well under way and I am 6989 words into my 20,000 word goal. I thought that would be enough to finish the novel that I began writing in November, but it is still very much tanking along with no end in sight. I’m really not looking forward to the editing!

I do come with some big news though. I am now on Wattpad!!

In the sidebar to the right of the page, you may notice an icon that looks like a chain. That will take you directly to my Wattpad page.

I’ve also released a short story, called Something New, and it’s already ranking 329 out of 6,400 entries in the ‘animal’ category!

If you click the releases tab (above) you will find more details about Something New along with a direct link. If you do read it, don’t forget to vote by clicking the star and I would love any comments.

I will likely be adding a few more short stories on there, but I will try to keep you informed first.

Have a good one. Jodie x

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